Rete civica Iperbole

Interactive map and 3D models

The interactive map was created by  SIT - Territorial Information Systems of the Digital Agenda and Information Technology Sector of the Municipality of Bologna. 

The interactive map gives access to a tool that allows 3D visualization of the models created in collaboration with 3DHOP C.N.R. - I.S.T.I. 

The web platform we are presenting consists of a series of high-quality 3D reality-based models, usable and navigable within the system. It is the result of a project developed by the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna which, with a long experience in the field of 3D models applied to Cultural Heritage, constructed the 3D models as a rendering of the existing buildings and defined the methodological basis for their production.

These models constitute a sort of ideal contact point between the world of correct measure (models as a form of documentation) and that of visual effectiveness and interaction (dynamic online fruition).

The most innovative aspect of the project is the extensive use of photo-modeling techniques for such a large and complex ensemble as the city’s porticoes, in order to create a set of 3D models with the high resolution required by an architectural perspective and not merely by a urban system perspective. This is a necessary requirement in order to highlight the urban scale value of the porticoed system, as well as the rich and varied architectural decoration that is its prominent feature.

Interactive map
mappa interattiva e modelli 3d