Rete civica Iperbole


22 November 2019

Porticoes are among the subjects of the photographs by Federico Compatangelo, visible until December 8th  at the exhibition entitled "Bologna, sguardi tra luce ed ombra" and housed  in the Exhibition Hall "Elisabetta Possati" of the Baraccano complex, one of the 12 components nominated to the...

22 November 2019
unesco portici

On Novembre 18th the Control Room met at Palazzo d'Accursio to sign the Memorandum of Understanding for the definition, implementation, monitoring and updating of the management plan of the serial site “The Porticoes of Bologna”. By means of this document, all the signatories involved undertake...

31 October 2019

The portico of the “Treno” building in the Barca District, the most recently built among the 12 components nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List, will be the protagonist of important requalification work. An agreement was in fact signed with ACER (Public Housing Agency of Emilia-Romagna),...

29 October 2019
sostegno alla candidatura

Growing support for nomination


On October 1st, restoration work began on the portico of San Luca, from the Meloncello Arch to the Sanctuary, thanks...

22 October 2019


A new portico is about to be built in the municipality of Itabashi, Bologna’s twin city in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The new library that will be built in Peace Park will host a permanent space dedicated to Bologna  on the ground floor: a portico will surround and delimit the space...

15 October 2019
in Paris for Porticoes

On Monday October 7th2019, Mayor Virginio Merola and the Councilor for Urban Planning Valentina Orioli flew to Paris to meet the Italian Ambassador at the Permanent Representative at UNESCO. The purpose of the visit was to present the work that has been done, and is still being done,...

10 October 2019
Mappa chilometri portici di Bologna

The Territorial Informative System of the Municipality of Bologna has elaborated the map of the 62 kilometers of porticoes that wind along the whole city. The result is a real eye-catcher that shows a collective heritage present everywhere, both in the center and in the suburbs. In fact 42...

10 October 2019
Consegna dossier preliminare candidatura dei portici di Bologna Patrimonio Umanità Unesco

The Municipality of Bologna has attained the first goal in the process of the nomination of Portici di Bologna to the UNESCO World Heritage List. On September 12th, the preliminary dossier, which establishes the formal start of the race towards the most prestigious recognition of the world,...